Winter car trouble to begin

As we approach winter, we are likely to see more and more issues with our cars. This is because during the winter months when the mornings are colder, cars are more likely to suffer which issues with the alternator or battery. Now is the time to investigate and have some tests done on your car so that you have time to fix or replace parts that may fail before winter really sets in.

Usually issues with your car not starting on a cold morning are often relatively simple to rectify, it may be that your battery is on its way out and struggling to keep its power. Or possibly that there is an issue with the automatic choke on the vehicle. You can buy kits to test your battery and alternator yourself but many garages off free winter checks. They will also check your brakes and your tyres as these components are also very important to the safety of the vehicle. A quick visit to the garage for an all over health check should pick up on problems that may be happening in the morning when trying to start the car from cold. Your garage may recommend that you put the car on the diagnostic machine which will read any faults recorded by the engine. A diagnostic may cost around £40.