What colour car is your favourite?

Do you have a favourite colour when it comes to a car or does the make and model of the vehicle have more importance? Recent data has revealed that the most popular colour for a used car is, wait for it, black. This will come as no surprise to many as the colour black suggests a sporty, stylish vehicle that many younger drivers will find appealing.

Strong, bold colours have become less popular in recent years with white and grey cars coming a close second and third to black. Cars with colour schemes of muted shades of grey can be seen everywhere on our roads however If buyers have chosen a brighter colour then it has frequently been blue, a favourite for a while.

Back at the beginning of the 2000s silver and red were considered to be in favour as was green although some superstitious drivers shun green cars as they consider them to be unlucky.

Despite manufacturers producing cars in bold, bright colours, the UK market seems to prefer more muted colours as demonstrated by the sales figures for recent years and data from the motor manufacturing industry. Whether this will change in the future remains to be seen.