Want a personalised number plate?

If you want a personalised number plate for a vehicle perhaps as a treat for someone on a special birthday you can buy one directly from DVLA or from a private dealer. Some plates are sold at auction with the most popular going for thousands of pounds, but it is possible to pick up a personalised plate for far less than that.

Once you have located a private number plate that you want to buy and agreed a price the next step is to assign the registration number to the vehicle. You will need to have a certificate of entitlement which should have been given to you on purchase however some dealers will assign the number for you saving you the hassle.

There are a few regulations when selecting a private number for instance the letter Q cannot be used and the number cannot imply that the vehicle is younger than it actually is. The vehicle must be taxed and eligible for an MOT certificate and be registered with the DVLA in the UK.

It is possible to apply online or by post to assign your new registration plate and then a new registration document or logbook will be issued.