Should you scrap your car?

Owning and running a car can be very costly. Not only have to ensure that you have a valid, MOT and insurance certificate but also that you pay road tax and possible breakdown cover to help assist you should you break down when out on the roads. On top of these regular expenses, you also need to be prepared to pay for maintenance work that may need doing from time to time and also repairs that could be required without any prior warning (often when it is most inconvenient). If the cost of repairing your car becomes more than the value of it then you may be faced with the reality of having to scrap the vehicle as it is not worth repairing it. The money you will get for scrapping your car can vary depending on what the current value for metal is. If you do find a good offer you may be able to secure the price even if they do not collect the vehicle for a few days. You may get more if you are able to take it to them but be aware you need to have valid MOT and insurance if driving it on the roads.