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When people are looking to change their car and buy another used car they may look at buying from a garage rather than buying from a private seller. There are some advantages which often persuade people to purchase a used car from a garage, but you will pay a premium for this.

The main advantage that people report is peace of mind as most garages offer some sort of warranty even if it is only three or six months. Buyers feel that they have some sort of comeback should the vehicle breakdown in the first few weeks, but it is important to check just what is covered under the warranty as not all eventualities are covered.

Another advantage to buying from a garage or car dealership is that finance may be available to help with the initial cost of the car. The finance may be spread over a number of months or years and is usually at a competitive interest rate.

Buying a vehicle from a private seller is a risk unless you know about cars, can take the car on a test drive and can examine the vehicle closely, which can be tricky if the seller is standing by. If buying from an acquaintance it is possible to feel more confident about the history of the vehicle and any issues it may have had in the past.