Should I be worried about diesel cars being phased out?

There has been lots of debate in the national press about the news that the UK Government is going to phase out new diesel and petrol cars from 2030. Some feel that this is the only way that the general public is going to embrace the electric car technology that is becoming more sophisticated as time goes on but how will it affect the ordinary car driver in the UK?

If you are the sort of person who buys a new car every few years, then this regulation will mean that your choices will be cut in the future. There may still be the opportunity to buy hybrid vehicles which is important as the battery technology on purely electric cars has got a long way to go in terms of guaranteed range at the present time however this may have improved ten years hence.

If however you tend to keep a car for several years and usually buy used cars then this announcement will probably not affect you for a number of years as diesel and petrol cars will still be available in the used car market. It remains to be seen whether vehicle tax will be increased for non-electric vehicles in the future as a way to persuade the general public to choose electric vehicles more frequently.