Rules and regulations regarding car accessories

If you own your own car then you may be tempted to add the latest gadgets or accessories to personalise your vehicle or to make certain tasks easier. For example, if you use your phone as a sat nav then you may invest in a phone holder that you can place in a position where you can easily see the screen.

When choosing accessories and gadgets for your car, you do need to think not only are they functional but are they legal and are they safe. Often when people have a car, they hang air fresheners or toys such as fluffy dice from the rear view mirror. This can actually obstruct your view and be quite dangerous if they are positioned incorrectly. If you are in doubt or find yourself having to learn forwards to backwards to see around them, then you should take them down.

You may decide to make some more permanent changes to your vehicle such as tinting the windows. This is usually done with a film that is placed over the glass. There are different rules regarding the colour of the tint for the front and for the back windows, so be sure to check that you are compliant with this otherwise you may be asked to remove them.