Today it’s no secret that you don’t have to settle for a default number plate, and many number plates today are unique personalised plates. These are essentially the identity of the vehicle, and they can be a lot easier to remember than a meaningless combination, while they certainly bring an element of status and style to a vehicle.

Some people will see private plates as a rather pointless product, but they can actually prove to be excellent investments. Some individuals will opt for combinations that can relate to a wide range of people. For example having ‘LFC’ in a number plate can appeal to Liverpool Football Club supporters, while car manufacturers can also appeal to a range of car owners, such as plates containing BMW. These are the types of plates that can attract a good amount of interest, and over time you may find that the price of a registration has gone up significantly.

Of course some pope will opt to have their name incorporated into a reg and tastes do vary. Private plates must be purchased legitimately, meaning they must be registered through the DVLA while meeting the legal requirements such as spacing, text sizing and ordering.

A private reg can range significantly, and the most expensive tend to be those containing only one number. For example the registration ‘1’ sold for millions, while names followed by 1 such as ‘KEITH 1’ can sell for a good amount of money. There are so many plates out there to choose from, and each and every year more unique combinations are added to the market.

You can purchase number plates online, and it’s important to always seek a professional service so you know every requirement is met and you have nothing to worry about. New cars, classic cars and pretty much any car can look a whole lot better with a private plate and perhaps that’s why more and more people opt for these items.