Every year there is a flock of brand spanking new vehicles, and they all receive a great deal of interest and press coverage, and that’s because they offer excitements. Car lovers enjoy seeing the latest specs, new designs and accessories, and a new year often brings a completely new design for many brands. Some vehicles do not change a great deal in terms of look, like MINIs, but frequently complete overhauls are needed.

BMW often release brand new models each year because their range is so huge, and the BMW 2-Series never fails to take the spotlight. Of course it’s not just the outside of a car and the specifications that grab attention, it’s also the interior design and built-in features. Every year there’s a battle for the hottest hatchback, and this includes the Volkswagen Golf, the Ford Fiesta, Citroen Saxo, SEAT Leon, Honda Civic and the Fiat Punto.

In terms of design for new vehicles, it tends t be a case of the sleeker it is the better looking it is. Many new cars have aerodynamic curves and lines, while the box shaped cars tends to be in the past. New cars can purchased directly from leading manufacturers with barely any mileage on the clock, the new car small and untouched interiors.

The other main advantage is the fact that new vehicles do not require an MOT in the first 3 years, and you’re usually guaranteed a good few years of driving without any issues or problems, while warranty is often included. The range of cars on our roads is diverse, and every individual with have their likes and dislikes. The Car of the Year Award focuses on design, performance, price and features, and the competition only gets hotter.

Landrovers and Volvos have been significantly changed in terms of design over the years, and these were both large box shaped vehicles and that’s certainly not the case today. There are curvy lines, smooth bodies but still the bulky size. It goes to show how manufacturers develop their models, and every year there are always new models to watch out for.