Make sure you are set for the winter weather

The colder weather is now set in and many people in the UK have already experienced some slight snow flurries. As the winter continues it is likely that snow and ice will become a more regular occurrence and this can make for awful weather conditions.

There are things that you need to do in order to ensue that your car is in the best possible conditions for the winter. The first thing to check is that your tyres have enough tread left on them and that they are inflated correctly. Worn tyres can mean you have little or no grip which is only made worse in icy conditions. Although the legal limit is 1.6mm of tread, experts say that once there is only 3mm if tread left, braking distances are lengthened. If you are in any doubt you should take the vehicle to a tyre place where they will be able to check the wear and condition for you.

Another thing to check is that your brakes are working as they should. Worn brake pads can be dangerous any time of the year but particular in the icy or wet weather. Often they can only be properly inspected with the wheel off but many garages will carry out a free winter check.