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Often as long as our cars pass an Mot we think they must be safe to drive but as an MOT is only carried out once every year, a lot can happen in that time and although it may have been ok then, the chances are it may not be 6 – 8 months down the line. Although you don’t want to be taking your car in to the garage every month or so for a check up you do need to be vigilant and on the look out for signs that there is something wrong. Often you will notice that your car feels different to drive – you may experience a vibration, pulling to one side or even a notice that the brakes don’t seem to be functioning as well as before. If this happens it is vital that you get it in to a garage to get it checked out. It may not be the driving that is effected but you could notice a noise such as a grinding or knocking sound when turning a corner. This could indicate an issue with your suspension and is very important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Although you may just see suspension issues as a bit of an inconvenience, they can actually be very dangerous and if left, can cause you to have an accident. So don’t delay, keep on top of any repairs that need doing.