Is it worth trying to save money and carry out repairs to your car yourself?

So many of us are trying to find ways in which we can cut costs and save money. Often many of us find that owning and running a vehicle is a massive outlay every year. Not only have you got to fork out for services, MOT’s, insurance, tax and fuel but you will also need to find the money for any repairs or maintained that may need doing to the vehicle. Repairs can be costly, especially if you own an older vehicle or one that has high mileage. Often cars that are valued at below two to three thousand pounds, can cost upwards of £1000 a year to maintain. For this reason, many of us try and see if we can cut down on garage labour costs by carrying out repairs ourselves. It may be that you have a little bit of knowledge of mechanics and are able to do certain jobs your self such as changing the oil or changing brake pads. This could save you hundreds of pounds over the year on labour costs but you do run the risk of causing more damage or not fitting something correctly which may require you to take it to a garage.