How to fix issues with your brakes

Often some of the most common brake issues people face are wear on their pads or wear / damage on their discs. This may occur at any time but often the pads need changing every 30,000- 50,000 miles and discs about every third time. If the pads become too low, then they will scrap on to the disc which will cause a really loud noise and a nasty groove to be dug into the disc. This will mean you have to replace the discs as well.

Another quite common issue with brakes is seized callipers. If the calliper seizes or sticks, you will often hear a noise and sometimes feel a vibration as it sticks on. You may be able to take the vehicle to a garage where they can free the calliper, or you may need to fork out for a new one. A new calliper is often around £150-£200 depending on what the make and model is of the vehicle.

Some people are able to change the pads and discs themselves, but you may need a specialist tool to pull the piston back to remove the old pad and replace it with the new.