Have you been involved in an accident?

Having a car accident can be very scary and can leave you shaken even if you are not physically hurt. Depending on the circumstances of the accident you may need to get the police involved and your insurance company. If you are in doubt of what to do, but no one is hurt or your vehicle is not in a dangerous place, then you should call the emergency number  for your insurance company. They will be able to arrange recovery of the vehicle if needs be and may be able to get you home. If the vehicle is blocking the road and undriveable or if someone is hurt then you may need to inform the police. This may also be the case if there is a dispute as to whose fault it was and someone is under the influence or driving dangerously. Always make sure you know who you are insured with and have details of the number you need to call in case of an emergency. If you breakdown then you may need to contact a breakdown company if it is not provided by your insurance.  If you have broken down on the motorway and cannot get to the hard shoulder or there is no hard shoulder then the police should be informed for your immediate recovery to the roadside or a garage.