There are not just plenty of options in terms of petrol and diesel; there are options for electric cars too. The BMW i3 is one the latest electric cars and it has a liquid-cooled battery pack that offers more than 90 miles of driving before a full recharge is needed. Another stylish option, and it’s one for those saloon car lovers is a Cadillac ELR, which uses a 1.4-liter gasoline engine.

Not many people think about sports cars when they’re thinking of electric motors, but the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid is certainly a good option if you’re looking for a comfortable, quieter performance and phenomenal speeds. It’s again another hybrid and it is powered by a 3 litre V6 supercharged gasoline engine along with a 70-kilowatt electric motor. The combination offers 416 horsepower and it has a top speed of 167 mph.

The BMW BMW i8 has an electric motor offering 170 horsepower from the front and 230 from the rear. The design is sleek, and whilst the roar of the engine is nothing like the sound of a petrol sports car, it’s still a superb model. Electric cars have come  a long way in recent years, and while many see them as cars of the future, they’re actually reasonable priced today, especially when you take into account the money you will save on fuel.

There’s also the argument that these motors could make electricity more expensive, but it is possible to charge these engines up at home, so you don’t always have to go to an expensive charging point. Many popular models now have versions of electric cars, and there’s even an E-golf for those Volkswagen enthusiasts.

Electric cars attract a great deal of attention, but there will always be a certain number of people who don’t want to make the change from petrol or diesel to electric, but that could change if the electric models continue to develop has they have.