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Most modern cars are now fitted with a plethora of driver aids that make driving safer, easier and more convenient.

Some of these features can feel a little unnecessary and more of a gimmick that a practical aid however many have become features that most modern drivers cannot do without.

One of the most useful and sought-after driver aids is parking sensors. Most modern cars are fitted with these at varying levels of sophistication, some have sensors front and real whilst others have sensors all around the vehicle. With vehicles generally getting bigger and most supermarket car parking spaces staying the same size these really are a must for most drivers.

Some cars even have parking cameras allowing you to see any blind spot areas whilst reversing to ensure that you can park safely with ease.

Cruise control has been around in a lot of cars for a number of years now however this technology has now also become more sophisticated. Adaptive cruise control allows you to not only set the speed that you would like to travel but also the distance that you want to maintain from the car in front. This means that even if a car pulls in front of you cutting you up the car will automatically slow down and achieve the set distance that you have specified.