Do you do enough miles to have a diesel car?

When it comes to buying a new or used car you need to decide if you want to have petrol or diesel. Diesel cars tend to cost a bit more to buy at present but this could change as electric cars become increasingly popular.

The cost of fuel is also often more expensive for diesel cars although there has been times over the last few years where the prices have been the same. Diesel cars should give you a better miles per gallon than the equivalent petrol versions, so if you do a lot of miles a diesel car is probably the option for yu. Since 2009all diesel cars have to be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter. The DPF is designed to collect soot that is produced by the engine and then rather than releasing it in to the atmosphere, it will burn it up in to ash. This process is often referred to as regeneration and will need to be done a certain time. There may be a few signs that this needs to be done and some cars will actually display a light to tell you to regen the filter. This can usually be done by driving the car at high revs for about 25 minutes. Often you may need to take the car on a dual carriageway or motorway to give you the distance to be able to get up to speed.  If this is not done on a regular basis it can cause massive issues. These are all things to consider when deciding if you want to buy a diesel car.