Do not get caught out by supposed free breakdown cover

As the car insurance sector seeks to become more competitive many companies reward customers with promises of free breakdown cover included in their policy, meaning that many people do not purchase separate breakdown cover with an independent company. This is welcomed by some customers who like to feel that the worry has been taken out of having to arrange cover separately and that they are saving money unfortunately the level of cover that is provided is not usually checked to see if it is suitable for the circumstances you may find yourself in. For example, many people are caught out by the recovery distance clause. Some insurance companies only give you breakdown cover with recovery within ten miles of your home address meaning that if you wish to be recovered home and it is greater than ten miles you will be required to pay approximately three pounds per mile over the ten mile range. This can mean that you will pay on one call out the equivalent of a year’s subscription to an independent breakdown supplier.

It is a wiser choice when purchasing car insurance to decline any offer of breakdown cover and to arrange your own so that you can ensure that you are covered for exactly the circumstances you may find yourself in and even arrange personal cover that will provide you with breakdown support whichever vehicle you may be travelling in.