Do diesel cars costs more?

When buying a new or used diesel car or vans you will often find that they come with a larger price tag than the equivalent petrol. Its not only the purchase price that is more when comparing diesel and petrol cars and diesel fuel is often more expensive to buy than petrol. The reason for this is because diesel cars tend to do more miles to the gallon than petrol and therefore push the purchase price up. Also diesel cars tend to last longer, for example lots of diesel cars will easily do 200,000 miles plus where as many petrol cars are often coming to the end of their life at this stage. 

On average diesel cars cost more to make than petrol equivalent and have been designed to last longer, although this is not so much the case with new cars of today. 

With many manufactures looking to convert to all electric cars, petrol and diesel models may be a thing of the past. The government has recently hit out hard on the road tax for diesel cars so it is worth totting up all the expenses of running both petrol and diesel to find out which is better for you.