Choosing the right car for your family

Choosing a be car can be an exciting time for some people but for others it is worry. If you have to buy second hand, especially if you will not have a warranty, you may be concerned as to how reliable the car will be. Unfortunately, sometimes people sell cars because they know that there is something wrong with it or because there is a lot of work that is going to be needed to get it though it’s next MOT. There is no way to avoid this entirely but having a warranty or getting a mechanic to give it a once over may help spot any issues. You can also check online to see current and previous MOT’s to see what the advisories were / are.

It’s not only the mechanical side of things you need to consider when choosing a new family car, you also need to think about how much room you need and whether the cat is the correct size and layout for your needs. If you have a dog wan want to be able to take him out often in the car then an estate car is often a better fit than a hatch back car.