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Wheels are a massive part of the safety of the vehicle and should be checked on a regular basis to prevent an accident due to and issue with the wheels. Damaged wheels or tyres can cause serious accidents and therefore it is vital that you check them often. So many accidents that happen on our roads are caused by defective wheels or tyres or simply worn tyres. Mots of these could be avoided if car owners took a little bit more care. 

You may notice that you tyre seems to be losing pressure and going flat after only a few days. You may instantly assume that there is an issue with your tyre and that you have a puncture but this is not always the case.  Damaged wheels can cause a perfectly good tyre to leak air.

Really a wheel needs to be removed from the vehicle before it can be properly inspected. The rim and wall of the wheel should be checked for dents and cracks that may cause the tyre not to seal correctly round the tyre. Some damaged wheels can be repaired fairly easily but others may need to be replaced instead.