Can you attempt routine car maintenance yourself?

Due to the uncertainty at the present time concerning job security it may be that you are looking to save yourself some money on car maintenance by attempting to do some jobs yourself. This is a good plan if you have some previous mechanical knowledge as many routine maintenance tasks can be carried out successfully with the help of a manual and internet forums and videos to help you.

Sometimes there is the need to use specific tools, but these are readily available to buy from motor factors stores or online.

The average car owner should be able to check oil and coolant levels quite easily and top up water washers regularly but when attempting oil changes some further skills will be required. It will also be necessary to get under the car to carry out this task and so it may be necessary to jack up the car and stabilise it with axle stands for safety.

Changing spark plugs on a car that is not running properly is a task that can be undertaken by the car owner as long as the make of car does not require a specialist tool to do this.

In the winter months, it may be that your vehicle fails to start every time and you suspect that the battery needs replacing. A new battery can be sourced quite easily and be connected taking care to disconnect the neutral/earth terminal first and reconnect it last after fitting the new battery in place.