Can a sports car be a diesel?

When you think of sports cars, diesels cars are not usual the first thing that comes to mind. Before the release of the turbo diesel, many of them were very sluggish and for that reason put a lot of people off, but adding a turbo to a diesel engine meant it was still economical but fun to drive at the same time.

Over recent years diesel cars have come on leaps and bounds and they no longer have to be the sensible option. They are now often seen as the favourite choice even for drivers looking for something with a bit of poke. There is not a massive difference in the price of diesel compared to petrol at the moment but there is often a slightly higher cost to buy a diesel car or van to start with.

You may also have to pay more in road tax for a diesel and some places are introducing clean air policies which means you will be charged for driving a diesel car through one of these areas.

If you are looking to buy a new or second hand car, then try and drive a diesel version and see if you prefer it, you may be surprised.