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Cars are often a large expense for many of us. They cost a lot to buy initially, and the expense does not stop there. Along with MOT’s, repairs and maintenance you also have tax, insurance and fuel. This year we have seen a massive hike in fuel prices where they have almost doubled to what they were a few years ago. Gone are the days when you could get a litre of fuel for a pound, now it is getting closer to two pounds.

This huge price increase is hitting people hard, and many are worried that they will simply not be able to run their car for much longer if these price rises continue.  If you have a diesel car then you will have experienced the highest prices and if you have a vehicle that is quite low on the fuel economy, then you may find that you are having to fill up a lot more often. With the prices going up by about 50p a litre over the last two months, and the average fuel tank around 55 litres, you can expect to pay an additional £25 – £30 to fill it up! This is a huge leap for many people, especially those that are having to fill their car up every week or sooner.